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Digraphs Website  |  Kickstarter Campaign

Digraphs is a side project we’ve been working on for nearly two years; it’s our first foray into product design for an idea that’s been thrashing around in Outskirts founder Shawn Topp’s head for close to a decade.

It’s an innovative accessory for Scrabble that introduces 8 new tiles, each with 2 letters instead of 1. The tiles are added to Scrabble for a simple twist that adds a fun element to a game you already know and love.

A ‘digraph’ is the combination of two letters representing one sound, as in gr or th. There are nearly 700 digraphs in the English language, each with varying levels of frequency.

In collaboration with Nyeus Inc. founder Darren Shea, Digraphs went from idea to prototype to finished product. The brand was launched early summer 2017 with a Kickstarter campaign going live on August 8.

We will be contributing a percentage of profits to Frontier College, a national charitable literacy organization. Frontier College recruits and trains volunteers to deliver literacy programs to children, youth, and adults in communities across Canada.

The Kickstarter campaign end-date of September 8 was chosen to coincide with International Literacy Day.